Britney & Jason, Sitting In A Tree

I swear, I posted this title before, but I can feel it in my small toe. They're dating. There is no fucking way they're not. Oh, god, I hope so. Have you seen those pictures with her, Jason and the Kids? Have you? I sure have and there we're a lot of "awww"s involved. But not only with the kids -though they are pretty cute-, I was looking at this picture, on top of this post and just... aw. I really hope something comes of it.

And I mean, I know what you're gonna say right now; "she took her nanny, her assistant, the whole team." But those are all people who she somewhat, I don't know, needs in her personal life with her on vacation. Well, she doesn't really, but who cares; they're involved in her personal life. Jason? Nah. He's her agent. So why is he there, really? I heard he's married. So why aren't you home, Jason? With you're wifey and kids? Nevermind, I love you for loving Britney. So yaay, welcome to the team! Come on, Britney! He's goodlooking (well not so but whatever), he's good with children, and he makes his own money. Well... He's working for her, but atleast he has a job, Kevin didn't.

Wait, they're not dating. Or not yet? Or maybe its just me who wants to spice things up in her lovelife. I've tried it with Chase Benz before. Apparently it failed. O well, she's gonna find true love someday... maybe soon?
ps; what can I say? I'm a sucker for love.

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