~Video Of The Week~Britney Just Wants A Burger

So, its about time for a new video of the week! And this time its a video Britney appearing in this play, or whatever it was, with Jamie Lynn in it. I've actually never seen this before today. Its funny, I have seen the In The Zone DVD (cough, I have it) but I've never seen the actual sketch.

Anyway, I think its strange. Well, its cute but at the same time, Britney is like "she should do her own thing." and next thing you know, she's on her show. Really realistic, Britney. I mean that whole sketch... they say her name 20 times a minute. It gets annoying. But I guess I should've watched that sketch when I was like 12. And not when I'm about to go for my drivers license. I still like Zoey 101 though. Yes, I confess. I love zoey 101. I wonder what Jamie Lynn is gonna do after the baby is well.. a baby. But its good that she stayed home to let the child grow up in peace. I woudn't like OK! covers with exlusive interviews such as: "She took her first steps!" or "Casey is alright, just a few bruises." Attention whore, much?

Either way, apart from it being annoying, its also kind of cute. So, thats why its Video Of The Week.


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