who wears short-shorts? I wear short-shorts

Legs, legs, LEGS. I'm lovin' it. (parapa papa). No really, they're amazing. But not only the legs, the whole outfit or whats left of it, actually. It's so Britney, its not even funny anymore. Starbucks, hot pants and a top with the label hanging out. -yes, I noticed that too. You gotta love it. It reminds me so much of 2004. All though, she would have had a man around her arms with a white T-shirt, and baggy pants on. Those were the times. No really, I miss that year. The crappy tabloid covers with only 15 paps haunting them. I love that too. I love it all. Oh, yaay.

I remember when she wore that shirt "MILF in training", now I'm thinking, gurl, you should go buy a shirt "MILF in action" wooooh.


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