omfg - the F.U.C.K Me Video

Ha ha he he ha ha ho

Oh my god, I searched up at google; "barbie ken" and I found this gross *cough, i like it rough - cough* picture of Barbie & Ken, nekked. I was shocked. What if little children would type that in? OH MY GOD. okay, you know I'm kidding. Its kind of fitting to the theme of today though, I mean its as controversial as If You Seek Amy.
As far as I know, its going to be an amazing video. Stalker fans, ken dolls (you get why I typed that in at google now? geez), pageant queens, stage moms,... Talking about a freakshow. And I love it. I can already see it in front of me, and when Emily can do that, it means its good. And the director? Jake Nava? Can it still actually go wrong? Hell no, bitch. Its super fly. Super fly, I tell you. Mark my words. Mark it. Now.
I'm like a ringleader, I make it hot.
oh wait, wrong song. Still, I thought I'd fit so well.

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