Bitter Betty

Someone asked me to what show I'm going to. I told him, "To the show in New York, DUH". I'm european. I get so angry and bitter when people ask that. So, so, bitter. complaining's not my style but: I just really hate it that London gets like eight shows, while in the other big cities in Europe, we crave for Britney to show up. It's not fair, and its not logical either.
She'll never sell out those London shows, but when she would go to atleast 6 other cities, they WILL sell out. Because if she'll go to other cities in that time, there's gonna be another crowd. I'm sure she can fill a lot of arena's but 8 times in a row, the same arena at the same city/country? Thats a little too much, really.
"*laughs* We'll be bitter betty together"

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