New Layout!

hello there, welcome to the website. As you can see, I changed the layout again. I say again because I know I tend to change it a lot, but thats just because I get bored with it. Because unlike you, I visit this website every day. It should be like you though. This theme is all about cutting edge. As you can see, its pink, still very me, but its harder, faster and stronger. The pictures that I used, by Micheal Tompson, are amazing. They're slutty, but amazing.

Micheal Tompson is amazing too. He did the new naked photos of Jennifer Aniston too. And for Britney he did this photoshoot and the 2007 allure photoshoot. The man is gifted, somehow she always does amazing eye expression at his photoshoots. Either way - as Micheal Tompson is cutting edge, so is this layout. Its again, simple but over the top at the same time.

That doesn't make sense, but whatever.


currently listening to: The Killers - Losing Touch
ps: video of the week will be updated asap, along with the new poll

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