Those Conservatorship Tapes

We all know the news by now: Britney called some suits to tell them she's not happy with the conservatorship and wants some serious change. Apparently, the tapes will be released tomorrow, and I, for one can't wait. I want to hear and be able to judge myself if it's her or not. Of course, I already expect drama in Britneyland. Some people will say its her, and they're gonna have this special reason, then some people will say its certainly NOT her and go on. The Pro-conservatorship team will choose for the "not her" option, the pro-freedom team will choose for the "its her" option.

I choose not to choose an option or teams, I've said this so many times before. What I can tell you is that, if the tapes are really her, I truly believe her voice should be heard. Maybe I'm delusional and don't want to know that she still is mentally ill, but then the question is: would she go on tour if she's sick? I don't think so. So I think thats she's healthy and has the right to speak her mind and do something about her current situation.

Does that make me on team Jordan and have posters on my wall of Sam Lutfi? No. First of all, I don't think Jordan Miller has Sam Lutfi hanging on his wall either. All of this crap is kind of childish, isn't it? Second of all - Like I said, I'm on nobody's team. End of story, end of con-versation. Wow, anyone remember that line of Chaotic? In the car when the chauffeur said all she thinks about is sex.

i'm not all about sex ya'll.


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