Aw, she looks great!

Look at her holding Jayden. Its a really cute sight. A hot one too. Oops, didn't want to tell you that, but i did. You know, for once she's wearing this fancy blouse kinda thing, her hair isn't a mess and she looks really motherly... but then the shirt is open, and you can see very well she's not wearing a bra again. Now is she trying to do that or doesn't she just pack bra's except for the one's she wears on stage?

I love her but she needs to wear a bra every now and then. It makes me think she's still breastfeeding those kids. They are stable there though. Wow, or maybe she just always buys tops that are a little too small around her breast erea. Hmm, why am I wondering about those things?
Her hair looks amazing though. It looks.. combed.


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