Poll Results!

Poll results on Valentine's day, can it get any better? Don't answer that. So okay, we have pretty cool people here at this blog. More than 70% (read: 5 people) voted for "I'm a fullblown, die hard Britney fan and everyone knows it." Good for you! Go you! What is even better is the person who voted for "All my friends are Britney fans, we'll go to the tour together", oh my gosh, I'm so jealous. No I'm jealous for two things: 1. You're friends are B fans too and 2. You get to go to the tour. Two things I don't have. Sob.

Next poll question? Will you buy the For The Record DVD?
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ps: have you noticed the red font yet? I mean, its only for valentine's day, sweethearts. Ya'll heard me, I said sweethearts. Its usually bitches, but today you guys are my sweethearts, pumpkin pies, honey's, and loveys. mmm, papi, I love you!
oh yeah, and I choose that pic because I didn't like the crying Britney For The Record captures.

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