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Hi there everyone. Having a good day? Me too. I mean, if your answer was 'yes'. ehm, anyways, I decided to add another aspect to my blog. I think it was about time to put another aspect to it, other than just Britney. I mean, she's the shit, but I feel like her face is all I see. Her pretty face, duh. As the attention whore I am -I mean, why do you think I made this blog?-, I wanted to tell you a little more about myself too. And I know my life itself is boring, so what I'm gonna do is just put a 'currently listening to' thingy up hur. I'm not going to bring in the hard html stuff that you have to copy and paste. No, I'm just gonna put it in every new post. yaay!

Like this:

Currently listening to: Chris Brown - Run it. I know, that song is way too old. Oh well, we're all Britney fans. How many of you guys listen to BOMT weekly, hu? I thought so.

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