Poll Results!

Interesting poll results today. I'm used to this 50/50 poll result, but I guess, this time, the question was chosen well because there were a lot of different opinions on this. The question was:"Would you be able to accept it if Britney was back together with K-fed?" and I thought the most obvious answer would be: "I'd hate it but I would still be a fan" or "yes, I would". But this time, there were a lot of different opinions.

Only 20% voted for "I'd hate it, but I would still be a fan". Another, shocking, 20% was for "I'd kill him before that would happen". And yes, another 20% was for the "yes, I would". Someone voted for "Pancakeman FTW!" too. Can that person please send me an email, I think I love you. Not that I agree with that person. But it gives a lot of courage from a Britney fan to vote on that poll answer. Even if its an anonymous poll.

My next poll question will have to do with the
outing of a Britney fan. I know that sounds silly, but I caught myself on being so humble on my Britney fan... being. Last night at the dinner table *read previous post*, I told my parents I only like the music. But everyone knows, that if Victoria Price would have a cat, I'd know the cat's name. I often wonder: why not shout it out there? Is it that bad, to be an obsessed Britney fan? It's not harming to anyone. But then I know, I woudn't have a lot of friends left. Can't say they hate Britney, frankly, if Gimme More gets played at a party, everyone's dancing like a loony. I love them for that. ♥

So, to all the other fans out there: Do You Consider Yourself As 'Out'?
Can you play Blackout or Circus with friends and family around in the car, or do you have to play the songs in the middle of the night with the lights out? Do you tell your sister all the new gossip, or do you have an extra ipod with you, for no one to see, with all the Britney songs on it, just to avoid anyone of your friends listens to your ipod? Do you rip out all of the posters when your boyfriend comes or do you lapdance on Slave 4 U? Not that I want to know about that last question.... but I'm just saying.

Would you ever wear a Britney T on a Job interview, or do you only wear it under your jacket at night?


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