At The Dinner Table..

Me and my dad had a nice talk yesterday. We we're eating at the dinner table, and the tv was on. They we're talking about Madonna's ticket sales. About how people get illegal tickets for 225 euros when official tickets only cost you 85 euros. You'd think: Madonna's tour is about to end, but she's coming to Belgium Europe in July. Any how, my mom started the conversation.

Mom: "I know she's really famous, but I woudn't to that concert. I just don't like her."
Dad: "I'd go to the concert, just to see what thats like".

My father's from the Woodstock generation. He loves wild guitarists like Jimmy Hendricks, Joe Cocker and Eric Clapton. You should see him when he's baking a cake on a Saturday afternoon. I bet ya, it has a AC/DC flavor in it. My father's used to bands on stage, where the music is the show. But besides that, he's a real music fan. He doesn't read books or magazines, only music reviews of all kinds.

Brother: "Concerts like that are a lot of show. They're not more than that" my brother hates pop music

Dad: "Emily, you went to a Britney concert right?"
Me: "yeah, I did. Shows like that are huge, dancers, light effects, you name it. You can't compare it to a band on stage. It's a lot more than that. It's eye candy. You don't go there for the music. "
Dad: "well, there's still music, right?"
Me: "yeah, but the focus isn't on the music"
*akward silence*
Dad: "So tell me, what music do you like now? What's that band you like? Cold.."
Me: "Coldplay, dad"
Mom: "Britney Spears"
Dad: "Really, is Britney still your favourite artist?"
Me: "I have all her albums... the music counts for me, that's the only thing that counts, really."


It got me thinkin'... maybe I should tell them I have this blog. I'm so in closet. It's lame.

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