Why 'If You Seek Amy' Shoudn't Be Censored.

The main reason why songs get censored is because of children right? Well, in the defense of the k of If You Seek Amy, I say the song shoudn't be censored.

I don't about you but I know that children under the age of about 12 years, before they hit puperty, can't think on an abstract way. Children have a concrete way of thinking and learning. Therefore, if you tell a child to "If you seek amy" all they understand is "if you seek amy". Nothing in a child's mind thinks about the double meaning; F.U.C.K Me unless it gets pointed out by a grown up. Thats why its the parent's responsibility to take care of the children so that they won't pronounce words like Fuck in a song called If You Seek Amy.

You have to be atleast over 12 to understand the double meaning of the phrase; "If you seek amy."

Do you think, if you were 10 you wondered about the grammatical mistake in the line; all of the girls and all of the boys are beggin' to if you seek amy ? I sure didn't.

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