I hate this part... right here...

I haven't been online for like two days and, BAM. The news just keeps on popping up. Or is that just me? No really, there is no news for days (may I say weeks?) and suddenly all the news you can get is there to catch in the sky. And I didn't catch it because I wasn't freakin' online for two days.

Lets get this started; I don't get the conversatorship article. Does anyone? Its just a bunch of crap. Things we already knew. Okay we didn't know that the conversatorship legally began a few days ago. So what? She didn't have freedom a month ago either. I'm sick of this conversatorship. She's not 16 anymore. I hate it, I hate it, I HATE IT.

on another note; If You Seek Amy as a single? Great idea! catchy and daring song. Only, isn't it a little too obvious? Really? a 3rd single needs to be surprising. Like, bang. A single nobody would ever expect. I don't know what single they'd choose though. Emily is too sleepy, aight?

Okay, I'm unable to think about anything else. Conversatorship is what I want to type. I hate it. No other news can cheer me up. It makes me feel like shit. yaay. Its a real downer. Oh hell yeah, it is. How is it that a woman who can have a number one single, in many countries, can go on tour and is the most powerfull and wanted woman in the world, cannot control herself and her own household? How is it that she is uncapable of taking care of her children and first of all herself, but yet can manage to perform on different huge stages all over the world?

Now that I think of it - maybe she's under strings in her career too. Wait, she IS under strings in her career too. Get that woman back on her own feet. She doesn't need to be pushed around. She doesn't have a handicap that she needs to be pushed around in a wheelchair, where she can't even decide what direction she wants to go. She doesn't need that. She will decide. Because she's a grown woman. Does she really need to pay for her mistakes for over more than a year? Does she need to pay for that with a permanent conservatorship? Does she?


ps; those New years pictures are adorable!

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