Blah, not so Britney related

I had the worst day, EVER. It makes me want to crawl under a rock, in Britney's case, under a hat. Oh, damn, you have no idea. I thought it was going to be a bright and shiny day - well, in my head, cuz outside I froze my ass off, but no no no. they tried to make me go to rehab, but I said no no no. LOL. No really.
In school we went to a play, a professional play. It was okay but whatever. But our teachers told us to leave our backpacks behind in this room next to the theater. So I did too. When the play was done, I tried to find my backpack, right? Coudn't find it. But apparently, there are a lot of the same backpacks and so, like there was this guy and he was carrying around the same backpack and there was another backpack on the floor. Either way; I was like are you sure thats your backpack? And he looked and he was like; "oh, no" and then I looked but it wasn't mine either. He found his backpack, I didn't. It wasn't the one on the floor either, damn it. So I told my friends but we had to go. So, I ran to a teacher who was waiting for some slow kids, who we're hanging out in the bathroom. "I can't find my backpack," I said. She called a lady that worked in the theater and we seached together, but I coudn't find anything. To make a long story short;
When done searching or tired of searching, the teacher said that I could go to school in her car. AKWARD. But hey, atleast I didn't have to walk to school. My day was bad enough. When I was at school for a while, my class came back.. and guess who arrived? My friends with my backpack. Some other kid had my backpack instead of his. And the backpack on the floor was his. UGH. BUT thats not all yet. Because I ran to the teacher and the other kids were gone, they "forgot" me, and thought I was still in the theater. So a teacher and a friend turned around to try to find me in the theater when I was really in school already. Miss - communication, much? LOL, and that in a time with cellphones...
Either way - When things started to be better again, and when I settled down with my backpack in my hands, I got a textmessage from a friend. Another close friend is in the hospital. DANG. I know right? She's not seriously injured, her appendix had to be removed, thats all. But it scared me to death. I was still in shock from my packpack thing, and now this? But, I just went to the train station thinking I could catch the train and go home. yeah right. I missed my train - its always a close call, I miss my train a lot. And I had to wait for about 30 minutes. After waiting for about 30 minutes, the train got canceled due the weather. I was furious. Like duh. I had to wait another 30 minutes.
So yeah. My day was awesome!
ps: David Kelly is a great writer though. Good play!

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