Poll Results!

Dada, its time again for some poll results!
The poll question was; "Do you think she will have a European tour?" and just more than the half (56%) voted: "YES!", no one voted "no", thank god. And about 25% voted; "I hope so, but I don't think so", and 12% procent voted: "I hope so and I think so" and one retard, no offence, voted for: "Britney's going on tour?"

I personally voted for "I hope so and I think so". Britney's team better realise the UK is not the only country in Europe. We know they love her there, we know that now, gosh. But we also know Europe loves her. Go Europe, its ya birthday. Okay, sorry.

Don't you just love Britney's cape in the Onyx Hotel Tour? I want to go back to that time where I was waiting in the line, and then boo-ing at Skye Sweetman. I mean, she was a sweet girl, but what the hell we're they thinking to put her in a Britney show?

Anyways; Next poll question will be:
"What Song Should Be The 3rd Single?"
Too soon? Of course not. You can never think ahead too much. So,


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