Okay. Shoot me in the head, I've been busy. Too busy for Britney. It breaks my heart. The good thing about that is that I might actually pass my examns, starting on monday, ending on the 17th of December. 7 DAYS? I know, stupid hu. But hey, I'd like to feed my children sometime, so I'm gonna have to study hard. That also means there will be a short haitus.

NO, Emily. Don't leave me.

I won't leave you. I will still be updating but maybe not everyday. And right when you think I am updating again everday, the next day I won't. Deal with it, please. And right when you think 'oh, Emily has posted a long post', I'll come back the next day with a one sentence post. Thats how life goes.


PS ONE: I cannot WAIT 'till the circus video tonight. And yes, you are still getting those comments on the conversatorship and FTR. (read: "The Truth About The Performances" post in the PS). No wait, just read the whole damn post. =)

PS TWO: No, Britney is not screaming "HI!" in that picture, she is waving me out.

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