There's this glow these days.

I think we can all agree that she has been looking pretty good lately. Its amazing. I cannot describe it, but she even looks good when she's tired. But I mean, REALLY GOOD. There is this glow. There are sparks in her eyes. Everything's there. And yet, she doesn't have to dress up. She doesn't have to wear tons and tons of make-up. She doesn't even have to smile. She's just been looking amazing. And I love it. If you look at the picture above, you'll know what I mean. It makes me wonder whats her secret though. But if I'll ever ask, I think all she'll do is giggle and answer "aww, thats so sweet. But I don't have a secret. I guess you just gotta stay healthy, man. Eat healthy, live healthy." haha, that would be my Britney-answer. She's not just pretty, she's superstar pretty. <3.

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