Alt/demo for Born To Make You Happy

Hi there, Another day has gone by and I haven't listened to Womanizer yet. It was hard though, I was at (get your golden ticket if you haven't got one already) and there's a player that has Womanizer on. I listened to the intro, but I knew she'd start singing so I was like; "no, Emily, stop it." and I stopped. Great right? Either way, I don't have a lot to say today but what I have to say is important. Well, not really, its just nice to inform you. check out this alternative version of Born To Make You Happy. Personally, I think this is one hell of a good song. Stronger than the normal version, but I know, I know, its less commercial. Too bad because she has strong vocals in it. Also, check out the banner on top of my post. Its fierce right? BUY WOMANIZER baby, BUY IT.

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