It's Vacation

Well, okay. Officially vacation starts on next Wednesday, but I only have to go back to school once, so its all good. I'm generally happy right now. There are some things that keep on bothering me, but I'll be alright. Everything will be okay. But ya, the sun is shining, I just bought some new nice clothes and tomorrow I'm going out with my friends, party and have a blast!

Britney seems to look great these days too. She's smiling, and I noticed that she's more willing to be photographed again. Have you noticed too? How she keeps on smiling in front of the cameras. Its really cool. Her style of clothing and her hair reminds me of 2004. And that, I love. I feel like history is repeating itself again. Because 5 years ago (can't believe its already 5!) she was on tour too, and I went too, and she looked amazing then too. A lot of tooooooos.

She's in LA now. Hope she can relax there, and come to her senses. But it seems like she's already pretty damn happy. And that makes me happy. Or atleast for her. But like I said, its summertime and I'm generally happy.

Where's my bikini?


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