I am SO excited for the European leg!

I think everybody who is a returning visitor, knows that I was so bitter before. Actually, quite jealous too. I was jealous at the people in London who can see her eight times in a row, if they want. Of course, who would do that? It still doesn't seem fair to me that UK fans have eight shows, fans in Denmarken for example one, and fans in Dublin two. But hey, equality doesn't excist anywhere, so I'm just gonna have to be pleased with what we have. And I mean, I can be pretty pleased.

I remember my petition, which I whored out in forums and European websites. Not that it had a lot of effect, only about 700 people have signed it. Still, sometimes I do think it kind of worked. Atleast 200 of those 700 people are from Finland for example. Finland is a big country, but with only 5 million people. So it surpises me that she's going to Helsinki, and not...let say Sweden.

So yaay at all the European people who'll go. You deserved it. I do think there should've been more dates like for example in Holland or something. But we can't always complain.
Who's going to one of the European dates? I know I am!


ps: poll results are coming, so is a post about the restraining order. keep in touch!

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