I hate to say this but...

I kind of think Kevin isn't that bad looking. Oh my god, I said it. I bet ya'll would say it too. But don't dare to. I like his teeth, his hair (in this picture) and his cheekbones. Okay, I just like men when they have nice cheekbones. And he has nice cheekbones, so yaay. Someone also told me they look like brother and sister in that picture. (cept they had lots of sex). Not my words. All though I was thinking the same. I love that GQ photoshoot of him. I was searching so hard for that, but apparently - the only place I could find it was on Britneyres.com and thats offline. So, I had to stuck it up and settle down with this picture above. But then I realised Britney looks fanstastic on this pic. I love, LOVE, LOOOOVE her hair. So, I'll just adjust.


ps: I heard K-Fed is releasing a new album. Can't wait. Don't bitch. I just wonder what he's gonna rap about, cuz I heard its gonna be about Britney. Duh. He still has to make money of her.

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