For The Record DVD?

Good news on valentine's day! Well, if true anyway. I loved to watch For The Record, it gave me and a lot of Britney fans a fantastic view on how she has lived for the last couple of months in 2008. I'm sure it hasn't changed a lot now, except for the fact that she doesn't do a sh-- for promotion now, and she did in 2008. I honestly would love to see how she lives her life on tour, but we already had that in 2004, with Chaotic. Wich still Cherish. I love Chaotic for the dorkyness and the fact she shares her true feelings to the world. Most of the feelings are about Kevin, but whatever.

I just wish we could've seen a little more happiness of Britney in the documentry. The only laughter I noticed was in the store, fitting clothes. And with that mind game, while waiting in the Circus dressing room. I'm sure there's more in her life than Groundhog day, everyday. If not, I'm gonna have to feel responsable for her, drive to LA and give her flowers every freakin day. If only I could drive...


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