Close to her breaking point?

I read an article today, actually I didn't read it all, just e few lines, but after those few lines, I got freakin' bored. And I rolled my eyes - my bullshit meter blew up. So I might have to fix my bullshit meter and try again. *reads*. Calm, Emily.

I get that she cries sometimes, we all cry sometimes, and we're not under the circumstances she's under. I mean - would you be able to live with two children while still being a child because your father is getting paid to order you around and give you allowance every month? I still think its kind of silly, the conservatorship, certainly when you know it's still going on after that court hearing yesterday. But I stand by my opinion that its non of my bussiness to talk about such issue.

What I do know is that there is no way in hell the media can know how many pills she's taking. And I mean ADHD? Are you forreal?

Even I could write an article like that.
She didn't seem to stressed walking out with her dick t-shirt out of the dance studios yesterday. I LOVE the t-shirt. You all know I do.

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