Britney's in Kentwood!

Yaay! She's in Kentwood, she's home. This is good, rest before the tour. Talking about the tour, I'm getting excited. I mean, the excitement isn't THERE as much as it used to be, and that sad, but I'm getting excited and thats good. Because a few days ago, I wasn't excited at all. Not one bit, and I don't even know why. It's hard for me to get excited anymore. I think its because what 2007 did to me. 2007 was full of huge dissapointments, when, really, I should have known better.

Anyway, she's in Kentwood and I love it. Its always good to rest out before you do a huge trip or tour. Certainly when you're Britney. I don't know how mentally stable she is, but I'm all for the mental resting thing. And theres no place like home. She's dressed so mommy. Is that just me or? I mean, look at her boots and her skirt. It's so mommy. Not the most fashionable thing to wear but I'm sure it'll be back in fashion one day. She's a trendsetter. Okay, thats not true.

Oh well,


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