they're so cute.

Sometimes I can't believe they're Britney's children. LOL, that sounds so strange and mean, but I've always seen her as Britney the popstar, never as Britney the mother, and now, 3 years later, she has two children going to pre-school. Isn't that crazy how everything changes so fast?

I remember watching that Diana Sawyer interview where she said she wanted to be a young mother, and finding a husband was one of her plans. But she didn't think she'd be a mother that soon, now did she? We all didn't. And when she announced her second pregancy, I was like HELL NO. That ain't true.
I wasn't angry or anything, I just coudn't believe it. My sister coudn't believe it either. She questioned the fact that Britney knew what "birth control" ment. Of course, my sister is an evil witch. Okay, she's not. She's just not a Britney fan.


ps: It's so sad to see these kids laugh about the helicopter when they don't know they're stalkerazzi.

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