I Want A New Layout

Hi everyone. Hi Dr. Nick ,
A new day has come that I'm tired of this layout. Its plain and boring. I want something exciting. Something outrageous, sexy and sweet. The layout that is currently on, is not too bad, but made by me. Its all I can do because of my limited knowledge of HTML or Blogger and photoshop. Okay, I've been using a proffesional photo editing program for over 3 years to 4 years now, Paint Shop Pro. But I still feel like I fail at layouts. That is why I need your help.

I need someone who can make me a bright layout, fitting with the season of the year, but more importantly, fitting with the blog. And before I forget to mention it; it has to be fitting with the blogger style. So no too hard html codes, unless you know how to use them in www.blogger.com.

If you want to be a part of making a layout, and you have the time and the interest and think you have the abilities to make a good layout; please do contact me at my emailadress;

Your help is needed,


ps: you can ask me questions and give me comments on my email adress too. Not everything needs to be said at the chatbox. Just so you know.

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