Britney Planning Autobiography For $10 Million

I'm calling BS on this news. Wooh, I love to

say Britney's initials when I mean bullshit. It is a laughable story though. I mean, not really, I won't pee in my pants because of the story, but its one of those stories where you're like, yeah right. Though I get where digital spy gets it from. I remember Britney saying in For The Record that someday she's going to release a book. A matter of fact - I am now going to search up the quote and litterally put it here.

Here we go;
Interviewer: what do you want to say to people, who say; "you
haven't told enough!"

Britney: uhm, I'll have a good book. A good mysterious book.

The question is, Britney, how can you make a book revealing and mysterious? I don't get that. Either way - she smiled while saying that.

I guess she got inspired about her mothers book, Through The Storm. I love that book, every other day, I read in that book, certainly the chapters of the general. I mean, you won't see me reading about Lynne's mother again. That was interesting too, but I'm a Britney fan. I'd like to read about Britney. But I guess thats just obvious. Would Lynne would have ever written a book about her eldest child, Bryan? I doubt it. I feel like Bryan's the only child of Jamie & Lynne Spears that kind of walked the line, got a normal job and tried to find a normal wife, create a safe environment. But thats for another blog...

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