Britney & Kfed?

X17 is reporting that Kevin Federline was in Britney's house for over several hours yesterday.
"K-Fed arrived around 9am with Sean Preston and Jayden James, and photogs on the
scene tell us that they didn't see K-Fed's truck leave the property until
I must say that I would -omg don't kill me - love it if they would be together again. I'm The Simpsons dork, and I have this line in my head. oh, oh, PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN? Helen Lovejoy FTW! Okay, sorry. No, really. I'm a dedicated Christian and Cathoholic -cough, cough- I believe that a marriage should last 'till death and people who divorce are doomed to go to hell.

I'm lying, I go to church when I have to go to a wedding, wich happens every other 4 years. I'm 17. Anyways, I do think that, when there's love in the air, they should try it again. I never hated Kevin Federline, I just walked the line when everyone told me he was scum, white trash. He is probably white trash, a cheater, a liar,.. whatever. But thats his own damn bussiness and it used to be Britney's bussiness. Then again, I read Through The Storm, and Lynne proved that its sometimes better to be divorced, even when you still love that person. But I assume Kevin's not an alcoholic, so I'm not going to fall over that.

I would support their relationship if, and I mean, IF, they're both deeply in love again, and if, and I mean, IF, they know for sure it is going to work out.

Then again, rumors are rumors and pigs can't fly. Well, I've never seen a pig fly. Maybe pigs can with cocaine or something. I shall ask my science teacher tomorrow.

ps; I love both Britney's & Kevins hair at the picture. Kevin should grow his hair back like that, and lose some pounds. He'd actually look handsome. Omg, you are so going to kill me now.

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