The Truth About The Performances

Hi all,
It seems like not every fan is that happy about GMA. So I'm gonna post something about that.

First of all - I still stand by the fact that all performances were amazing. To make that clear.

But the truth about the performances, I think (!) is the fact that fans who are disspointed got influenced about a lot of things. For example; we got influenced by the fact that all the performances (Bambi, X Factor, Star Academy & GMA) are themed the same. Theme? Circus of course! What would an album called "Circus" be without Circus themed performances?!

It's hard to imagine that, right? But the truth is that, when you go with a theme for performances, you can get stuck with one idea in your head. With Circus as a theme, she coudn't go with futuristic elements for example. Eventhough, it's a broad and well chosen theme, they are still limited. Maybe thats a good thing, maybe thats a bad thing.

All I know is that - what we saw now were 4 of the same performances. Different location, Yes. Different outfit/make-up & hairstyle? Yes. Different choreography? No. Different elements (such as: the music, the lighting, the white screen with Britney behind it, etc)? No. BUT these shows were rather small shows. Shows that do not have the high ratings like a lot of award shows for example. Yeah, X factor is popular, yeah, Britney reached a lot of people, but the ratings are not what they are when she would preform on for example the VMA's or any other really big event.

If they would have to find another choreography, different elements,.. for every single performance, they'd have to work day and night, and not get payed for the effort.

If you compare the Womanizer performances, with for example Toxic performances. They all had different "themes", some didn't even have a theme ( TRL performance, Ryan Seacrest performance, some talk shows,..). But yet, they all had the same choreography. But it looked so different because the invorment besides the location was different. A lot different. But that because there wasn't a theme involved. If there was it was the hotel theme, wich would be a preperation for the Onyx Hotel Tour.


ps: Tomorrow I'll have a load of crap coming up about the conversatorship (& how I changed my view on it since FTR aired) + some comments on FTR. I haven't had time yet to watch the HQ FTR, but tomorrow I will have time. So there you go. For The Record hopefully has opened a lot of eyes. My eyes sure have opened for a couple of things.

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