Jamie Spears Monthly Conservatorship Salary Increased

Okay, so we all know he has been doing quite a good job, but please, Jamie, go get a real job. You can do it, boy. I trust in you. Go get a real job. Did Britney predict the future when she was singing 'overprotected' or is that song just plain creepy? I cannot believe her father gets payed to be her father. To play the role of her father, and to sit there and command her just like all fathers of 16-year olds fathers do. Does he really need all that money? Okay silly question, of course he does. The real question is; would he really need the money to protect her? I just can't understand Britney has to pay him money so he could tell her what to do. If I would have to pay my father money so he could tell me I can't call my boyfriend everday for an hour, I'd scream and shut myself in my room. Okay, I'm a teenager. cuz ur a rebellion, I love that song, why didn't se release it? Either way - I don't get how and why she should pay him at all. He's her father, he shoudn't expect money from her. Of course, I know the court tells her to give money to him but the court should know better too. Damn you court! Yet, I feel like, eventhough he may not "want" the money from her, he should get a job to tell her; "look honey, because I'm not living on your money, I have a job." Just saying,


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