I Rant, I Jawn, I fall asleep

I'm bored. Okay? This is a website to express my thoughts about the girl, and hell - she's not even around. What am I supposed to do all day? Get a life? Not even an option. Look, I want some action. Something, just something. I know she may be taking some time off for the holidays. Damn right she is. She'd be mad if she woudn't. But in the meantime, I'm sitting here, wondering what interview I'm going to view for the millionth time. The Diane Sawyer interview or a David Letterman interview? I'm running out of ideas here. To be honest - its quite boring. Since I know what the hell she's going to answer anyway. Eventhough I wanted to watch the Diane one the other day because I wondered on what question she cried... dear god, I'm phatetic.


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