Poll Results!

Drums please!

The new poll result is here. The question was if you would pre-order the album. And it was close! 45% procent voted "Yes I will" and the other 45 % voted for "No, I won't". But if you can count right, you'll know that 45+45=90. So where's the other 10 procent, Emily? Well, 5% voted for "I will only buy the album of iTunes" and the other 5% procent voted for "Yes, I already did [pre-order the album]". Good votin', everyone. I'm proud of the 100 20 people that voted.

The next poll question? I say; "What bonustrack should have been on the album?". My answer goes to Phonography!

In other emilylovesbritney news: you can still apply for affilates. Do it, and do it now! I need you as much as you need me. And remember, if you don't contact me, I'll contact you.


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