The wbitch is back! Have you heard it? Have you? The 30 seconds preview on amazone, you silly! Okay, okay. I have. And the adrenaline has kicked in, just like Britney's coffee did in the picture next to this text ===>
Of course, I'm not about to premier a new video for a song written for Justin Timberlake, but I just heard the preview, and I got my Britney boost, baby! And I might just listen again...

I love it.

I can't tell what song I like best yet, I really don't know. I mean - I really cannot tell at all. They're all great. I can say that I expected a whole other sound from some songs. Like Lace & Leather. Oh dear god, I expected a hardcore-sex song, like 'Get Naked', but instead, its a poppy disco song or something. Just like Shattered Glass. I had no idea it was going to be this poppy, and cheesy. Its good though, I like it. Not that I like it less. I didn't expect My Baby to have such high vocals. I expected it to be a ballad -duh- but, this blows my socks off.

I'm not surprised about Mmm Papi. I knew it was going to be some crazy Britney song. I mean, even the song title. But lets be fair, people have said, when they reviewed the mix that was released yesterday that this was going to be Blackout 0.2. I have to say, I agreed then, but now I don't anymore. Not at all - Britney was right. This album IS way more urban. And I like it, a lot. The cool thing about it is that it gives me this electro feel and urban feel at the same time. In every song. Haha. I don't know what this album is, I guess. But I can def hear it in Mannequin. I mean, its urban but the vocals are way more computerized than I thought they'd be.

Either way, I told you I woudn't review the tracks yet but look at me, I'm writing like a maniac. hehe. Ugh, I want that album, man!


ps: She's not going to TRL folks.

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